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Welcome to Becks Propane

We are proud to be known as Michigans trusted “propane” and “lp gas” service. At Becks, we specialize in fast and friendly residential, commercial, and agricultural propane delivery. If you buy lp gas then you understand the importance of finding someone you can trust to be there when you need them. Well, you can trust Becks.

Since 1960 Mid-Michigan propane customers have come to appreciate our unbeatable service, excellent lp gas prices, and helpful staff who are always here to brighten your day. Word of mouth advertising from customers telling their friends and family is what built this company.

The overall goal here at Becks is that you experience the same hassle free, affordable propane Michigan customers now enjoy. We are dedicated to providing exceptional, prompt customer service. We are available to answer all of your questions in a personal manner, yet always on a professional level.

If your propane tank is in Mid-Michigan, then you are probably in our delivery area. We also offer emergency-on-demand delivery. Give us a call now and ask for Pam or Anna. You’ll love our service, lp gas prices, and the unbeatable warmth we we will provide to you and yours. We also refill propane lp gas cylinders at our store located on US-127 right here in central Michigan.

Refill hours are M-F 9a-6p, and Sat 9a-2p. If you have a propane emergency please call us at 989-224-6825


  • 1-800-I-Got-Gas
  • 1-800-446-8427
  • EMERGENCY 24/7
  • 1-989-224-6825
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