Ways to Purchase Propane

Automatic and Will Call

Automatic customers are set to be delivered to at times determined by Becks propane. With our new software capabilities, we are able to estimate the percentage in your tank based off your past yearly usage, what you are using propane for, and the predicted degree days of the current season. Simply, we watch your tank so you don’t have to!

Never Worry!

Automatic status allows you to not worry about your tank and instead allow Becks to continually keep on top of your propane needs for you.

Warning: As stated, our software allows us to keep an estimate of your tanks percentage and may not be completely accurate. If your tank is low and you start to worry, give us a call and we will get propane to you as soon as we are able to.

Will Call customers are responsible for keeping track of their own tank percentages. It is also the responsibility of the customer to call in and place an order for propane when they are in need.

What happens if I run out of gas?

  1. Air and moisture can make its way into a tank when it is empty. This can cause the tank to then begin rusting which can also deplete the odor that is added in propane.
  2. Your pilot lights will go out which can be dangerous when not handled properly.
  3. Due to State Regulations, a leak check test must be performed by one of our qualified technicians before turning the gas back on. This involves lighting appliances that run on propane. There is a charge for this service.
  4. The NEVER WORRY solution:
    Become an Automatic customer and never worry about the hassle of running out. Allow Becks to stay on top of your propane needs so that you don’t have to.

Become a Customer

Propane Pilot Light

Budget Plan

At Becks we offer our customers a monthly Budget Plan to conveniently pay for their propane deliveries. Our Budget Plan is designed to assist our customers with a payment installment plan to insure uninterrupted deliveries throughout the season as well as manage the cost of their propane over the year. Our plan runs on a 12 month basis beginning in June and ending in May. For more information please follow the link below or call our office to speak to a customer service representative today.

Become a Customer

Pre-Buy and Cap

We strive to offer our customers the best pricing at all times. Our Pre-Buy and Cap programs are two ways to do just that. The Pre-Buy program allows you to purchase your gallons for the season ahead of time to insure a set, locked in price. The Cap program gives our customers a way to be sure their price per gallon does not exceed a predetermined price. It “Caps” their price per gallon for the season. These programs with new pricing come out in early fall just before the delivery season begins.

Become a Customer