Instructional Videos

Here we have some instructional videos to help you answer some simple questions you might have regarding safety and best-practices. Videos are courtesy of

How to Read a Tank Gauge

Checking your gauge regularly is an easy way to ensure you always have enough fuel. Remember: If your tank is empty, a qualified professional must inspect your system.

How to Turn the Tank Off

There are a few reasons why you’d need to turn off the flow of propane to your tank. Fortunately, turning a tank off is very easy.

If You Suspect a Gas Leak

Everyone in your family should know what to do if they smell propane. Here are a few steps to take in the event of a potential gas leak.

Handling and Transporting Small Cylinders

You can use portable propane cylinders for a variety of applications. Be sure you know how to transport, handle, and store these small cylinders in a safe manner.